Kevin Jones, CA

Accounting, Tax, and Bookkeeping Services

Price: $29.95

Below is my pricing menu which is your guide to understanding my professional fees for preparing your tax return.

Tuition receipt—T2202 (4 months full-time)


Price: $39.95

Statement of Benefit—T5007

Universal Child Care Benefit—RC 62

Information Return (for Credits and Benefits)

Price: $59.99

Employment income—one T4                               CPP—T4A(P)

Old Age Security—T4A(OAS)                               

Basic Return

Price: $79.99

CPP or EI benefits                                                 Social assistance & WCB

Employment income                                              Transit passes

Multiple T4s                                                           UCCB

Pension income (Canadian)                                  Union dues


Typical Return

Price: $99.99

Amount for eligible dependent                               Medical expenses

Carrying charges/interest expenses                      RRSP contributions

Charitable donations                                              Support payments

HBP/LLP/FTHBA                                                   Scholarships

Investment income                                                Tuition amounts/student loans

Intermediate Return

Contact for estimate

Capital gains                                                          Capital gains deduction

Caregiver amount                                                  Exploration & Development

Childcare expenses                                               Farming/Fishing income

Disability amount                                                   GST 370

Employment expenses                                           Loss carryback

Foreign income and FTC                                      Overseas tax credit

Moving expenses                                                  Partnership income/losses

Northern Residents deductions                              Rental income

Pension income splitting                                        Trust & deceased returns

Stock options and shares


Complex Return

Tax Return Pricing Guide