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Personal Tax Services

I provide personal tax services to a wide variety of clients. I can help prepare your return whether you have employment income, rental income, or business income. I can also help with other sources of income such as foreign income or pension income.

Iím very knowledgeable about the deductions that are available to people and I try to maximize them for all of my clients.

I can help you catch up if you're behind or redo past returns to pick up expenses that might of been missed.

The amount I charge is comparable to the rates of other well known tax preparers. You can find another page with more pricing information here.

Distance isnít a problem. A lot of the time I can file returns for people without meeting up. In order for me to prepare your tax return youíll need to get me copies of your information by faxing, scanning, or taking pictures, and then print out a few papers and send me back signed versions the same way you sent your original info. I can even mail the papers you need to sign if needed.

I can also pick up your records or meet to discuss things if you prefer.

Any information I obtain about your income is 100% confidential. The Institute of Chartered Accountants has stringent rules in place so you don't have to worry about the privacy of your tax affairs.

If you are interested in my services or if you have any questions please donít hesitate to contact me using the information below.


Let me deal with the paperwork.