Kevin Jones, CA

Accounting, Tax, and Bookkeeping Services

I offer a wide range of services to my individual and business clients. I’ve listed the most common services that I offer to my clients with a brief description below. For more information about any of these services please don’t hesitate to contact me for further details.


Each service relates to your financial statements, but the level of depth differs.

Reviews—procedures are performed on your financial data to help ensure that it is being presented in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Policies (GAAP).

Often lenders or investors will require that a review engagement report be attached to your financial statements and then you will know that this is the service you need.

Compilations—the work performed and financial statements presented are based on client provided information. The results here are primarily intended for internal use and are sufficient to meet a company’s tax filing requirements.

I view my involvement in your financial reporting process as an opportunity to provide suggestions for maximizing your profitability and efficiency.

Reviews and Compilations

I prepare tax returns for individuals, corporations, and other organizations.

You can see a special page I have prepared for personal tax returns here.

I have a personal interest in tax matters that has led me to focus on the area during my training and subsequent professional development.

I enjoy trying to save my clients money when it comes time to do their taxes. I also try to be as flexible as possible to make it easy.

I have experience with a wide variety of tax clients that range from retirees right up to a corporation that built a $70M building.

I stay current on new tax laws and legislation so I’m in a position to identify key planning opportunities to minimize the amount you spend on your taxes currently and in the future.

Tax Preparation and Planning Services

Well organized financial records ensure that your business is running efficiently on a daily basis and can be a very useful tool for a successful business. 

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) randomly selects the people and businesses that it audits, so it’s also easier to sleep at night when you know your records are accurate.

If you’ve had a backyard bookkeeper doing your record keeping unintentional errors may have been made. If the CRA finds them during an audit you could be liable for unpaid taxes and possibly be charged interest and penalties as well.

I think it is safe to say that when a professional is taking care of things the chance that unintentional error will be made decreases. In fact, my work has been subject to random audits in the past and the CRA auditors didn’t find any errors in the records.


As businesses grow and they hire more employees the demands of processing the payroll every two weeks can grow as well.

I can help you improve the process and build a reliable and efficient system that you can rely on. 

I can assist you in ensuring that all the necessary payroll remittances are prepared and filed on time.

I can also be of assistance when it comes time to file your businesses’ T4, T5, and related slips. Missing the deadline for the slips or inadvertently making mistakes can result in substantial penalties. Having a professional’s assistance can avoid problems.

The CRA also rewards some businesses with perfect compliance history for  deductions and remittances. The Quarterly Remitter Initiative is an example.

Payroll Services

GST/HST and Other Sales Taxes

If your business is responsible for collecting and submitting sales taxes in different jurisdictions things can get complicated.

When the government bring the GST back to BC there is no doubt that the transition will cause confusion for a lot of regular people trying to operate their businesses.

I can assist you and your company with compiling the needed information and the preparation of sales tax returns.

I can also examine your records and your filings to try and determine if the filings appear reasonable when compared to the records. Often irregularities are found that can result in the recovery of additional ITCs for the business.

I recently helped a client get back over $10K in GST that had been paid but expensed and never accounted for by the “bookkeeper” when the GST and HST returns were originally prepared.  

Other Services

I also offer a range of other services. I have listed a number of them below:

· Financial forecast and projections

· Tax planning

· Cash flow and budget analysis

· Management advisory services

· Software selection and implementation

· Internal control analysis resulting in suggestions for improvement

· Purchase and sale of a business

· Retirement planning

· Forensic type investigative accounting

· Voluntary disclosure services