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In order to help everyone save money I donít have an office where my clients can drop their records off or stop by to ask me quick questions during regular business hours.

These days most of us find it part of the normal routine to use emails and have meetings over the phone so I havenít found it to be a large disadvantage. I use the alternative methods when I can and I host personal meetings in my home office when needed. Iím also available to come to you when thatís what is going to work the best.

Iím also 100% behind the paperless movement that is taking place in the business world today. In fact, using a paperless system in the past has shown me that there isnít always a need to obtain paper records from clients. If you have the ability to send me electronic copies of the information that I need then we can simplify the process and save time by doing so.

The methods I have been using with electronic documents have allowed me to serve clients from the bottom to the top of our province. I currently have clients as far south as Victoria and as far north as Fort Saint John and Fort Nelson.

At the end of the day I am flexible. Contact me using the information below and weíll figure out what works best for you and go with it.

To contact me:

Phone: 250-668-2551

Fax: 250-468-9967


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